Applying for the CCC

1. What is the current regulation for products used in explosion-protected atmospheres / hazardous locations (Ex products)?

The current regulation CNCA-C23-01: 2019, which was announced in July 2019, requires all Ex products sold in China to pass the CCC certification by October 1, 2020. It will be officially implemented on October 1, 2019 which provides a one-year grace period for manufacturers to begin the certification process.

2. Is the CCC Mark mandatory?

The new regulation CNCA-C23-01: 2019 requires all Ex products sold in China to comply with the CCC standards and carry the CCC mark. This means products must be tested in a qualifying test laboratory and audited by a CNCA-approved certification body.

3. How do I find out whether my product requires CCC?

Please see the product list here or contact us at

4. If I already have an IECEx and/or ATEX certificate, do I still have to apply for the CCC?

Yes, you would still need to get CCC marking if you plan to sell the same product in the Chinese market. However, having existing IECEx or ATEX quality assessment reports (i.e. IECEx QAR and/or ATEX QAN) can help expedite the CCC process. As such, please include information about any existing IECEx and/or ATEX certificates in the application.

5. We have a new Ex product that we want to sell in China. What should we do?

Apply for the new CCC Ex certification of the product according to the new regulation. Request an Application Form here.

6. How is the CCC different from the IECEx or ATEX standards?

The CCC standard versions are in most cases technically equivalent to the IEC standards. An Ex product that is certified to the current IEC standards for Ex products, will in most cases also comply with the technical requirements of the GB standards for Ex products. In the same way as an ATEX certificate is mandatory for Ex products marketed and sold in Europe, a Chinese Ex-certificate is mandatory for Ex products marketed and sold in China.

The certification process

7. How long does it take to get my product certified?

Project timeline varies based on the scope of work involved and level of compliance, but usually it takes about 8-12 weeks.

8. Do I need to travel to China during the application process?

Applicants working with CNEx are not required to travel to China. Type Tests can be conducted by our partner Testing Laboratory based in the US and we will send audit teams for the initial audit and follow-up assessments per regulation.

9. What are the key components of the CCC scheme?

The CCC scheme consists of a product Type Test, an initial factory audit of the manufacturer’s quality assurance system and follow-up audits.

10. How long is the CCC Mark valid for?

The initial CCC certificate is valid for up to 5 years, and can be renewed through follow-up assessments conducted by the issuing certifying body.

11. What if a key component or material used in my product changes after it has received a CCC Mark?

If any key components and materials used in the certified product has changed, the manufacturer would need to inform the certification body for approval and filing of change before starting to sell the product in the market.